Journal of Air Transport Studies Volume 10, Number 1, Winter 2019

Journal of Air Transport Studies Volume 10, Number 1, Winter 2019

The Journal of Air Transport Studies (JATS – ISSN:1791-6771) is a peer reviewed journal aiming at publishing high quality research related to air transport.  JATS is interested in publishing papers primarily focusing on economics, geography, policymaking, management, marketing, operations, technology, logistics/supply chain management and modelling.


Editorial and First Pages

Li Zou and Marina Efthymiou

pages vii
Full Research Papers  

Impact Of Airline Business Models, Market Segments And Geographical Regions On Aircraft Cabin Configurations

Oluwaferanmi Oguntona, Kay O. Ploetner, Marcia Urban, Raoul Rothfeld and Mirko Hornung


pages 1-38


Airline Philanthropy – Investment Or Expense?

Deborah Ancell


pages 39-69


Studies Of Flight Trajectory Optimization And The Workloads Of Air Traffic Control Officers

Weiyang Sun, Wei-Chuen Wallace Ong and Zhao-Wei Zhong


pages 70-86



Modelling Traveller’s Ground Access Mode Choice Of Dubai International Airport, United Arab Emirates

Khaula A. Alkaabi

pages 87-109


Blaise Waguespack and Scott Ambrose

pages 110-124

Nobuaki Endo and Toshiya Ozaki

pages 125-150

B. Conference Report

The 21st Air Transport Research Society Conference

Marina Efthymiou and Li Zou

pages 151-152

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