Journal of Air Transport Studies Volume 8, Number 1, Winter 2017

Journal of Air Transport Studies Volume 8, Number 1, Winter 2017


Towards seamless passenger transport: performance of intermodal approaches

Marcia Urban, Annika Paul and Mara Cole

page 1




A cost benefit analysis of Delhi airport ppp project                                          

Sumana Chaudhuri and Ranjan Chaudhuri

page 13



Establishing a Commercial Air Route based on more than just Technical Variables: the Case of Barretos City, Brazil                                                                                                

Mauro Caetano and Cláudio Jorge Pinto Alves

page 48 



A high-fidelity artificial airport environment for SESAR APOC validation experiments                                                                 

Florian Piekert, Nils Carstengerdes, Sebastian Schier, Reiner Suikat and Alan Marsden

page 31



Supporting air transport policies using big data analytics: a descriptive approach based emerging trend analysis                                                                                              

Hyun-jung Kim, Nam-ok Jo, Kyung-shik Shin, Jin-seo Park, Ga-ram Sim and Je-chul Kim

page 51




Influence of the three links agreement on the behavior of taiwan airports: a two-stage DEA Analysis

Lu Yang 

page 73

Pakistan's national aviation policy (2015): flight path, cross winds & off- course

Wali Mughni

page 92

An evaluation of airport wayfinding and signage on senior driver behaviour and safety of airport road access design  

Nur Khairiel Anuar, Romano Pagliari and Richard Moxon

page 108

The customers’ expectations as a guide to service innovation in the airline industry

Luciana Padovez, Max Well Elias and Mauro Caetano 

page 130

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