Postgraduate Studies in “Tourism Planning, Management and Policy”

Postgraduate Studies in “Tourism Planning, Management and Policy”

Given the multidimensional character of the tourism phenomenon and, as a result, the inter scientific character of the relevant education and research in fields related to planning, management and policy-making, the Program of Postgraduate Studies in “Tourism Planning, Management and Policy” provides an integrated course of studies, which focuses on the following areas:

•tourism research (social, humanistic, statistical);

•tourism planning at national, regional and local level;

•analysis of the administration and operation of tourism enterprises;

•methods to promote and sell tourism products;

•study of the main features of sustainable tourism development;

•promoting the use of PC applications in tourism;

•determining the main features for tourism policy-making.

Special attention is paid to the inter scientific approach of tourism and to its economic, social, environmental and cultural perspectives. Four different Departments of the University of the Aegean have collaborated to ensure that said inter scientific approach is reflected in the Program’s organisation and operation. The above Departments are the following: Department of Business Administration, Department of Environment, Department of Geography and Department of Social Anthropology and History.

The duration of study, leading to the Specialist Master of Science Degree, is three (3) academic terms. The first two of them (Α΄& Β’) include compulsory attendance at lectures and other educational activities. The 3rd term is meant for the writing of students’ theses. The writing up period of the thesis can be extended by one term, provided that the student files a well-grounded request along with an approval of the student’s supervising teacher. In exceptional cases, the student can apply to the Special Interdepartmental Committee for suspension of studies for a maximum period of one (1) year. During the suspension of studies, the postgraduate student status is lifted and all rights arising from it are suspended.

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