IMIC 2015 - 1st International Conference on Experiential Tourism

IMIC 2015 - 1st International Conference on Experiential Tourism

9-10 October 2015, Santorini island, Greece

The purpose of the IMIC 2015 International Conference is to thoroughly present the current trends in the theme of the Experiential Tourism, to strengthen the interest, to contribute further in the understanding of the ever-increasing importance of the experiences in tourism, to provide knowledge and new tools at all those who are at the forefront, design and offer the tourist product.

The topics of the conference are:

  • The multidisciplinary approach on Experiential Tourism. Current Introspective-future perspective.
  • Experiential Tourism experiences and their characteristics
  • Authenticity as a research field of Experiential Tourism
  • The sense of place and the multi-sensory tourist experience
  • Synergies with the local communities
  • The economic benefits and the synergies in the framework of the local communities
  • Consumption and Experiential Tourism. Uses and abuses of objects, events, experiences and symbols
  • The Cultural Heritage and its experiential dimension
  • Design and development of new, Experiential Tourism products
  • The various forms of tourism that are part of the concept of Experiential Tourism (outdoor activities, cultural tourism, culinary tourism, eco-tourism, educational travel, heritage tourism, experimental tourism etc)
  • Experiential Tourism as a model for business practice
  • Branding meeting destinations, meeting venues and meeting service providers via Experiential Tourism
  • Social media and online marketing in the service of Experiential Tourism
  • Modern networks and sales techniques for innovative tourism products
  • Successful case studies and practices around the world

The organizers and the scientific team that supports IMIC 2015 invite academics, researchers and young scientists from the wider field of tourism from around the world as well as representatives of the state, local authorities, the business community, etc. to participate actively in lectures under the conference topics.

Abstracts submission deadline: 1st June 2015

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